At PSN we understand that vision changes as you age, but it shouldn’t get in the way of how you live, work, and play. Our highly experienced staff will help you to select the best lens depending on your visual description and lifestyle. We are proud to be offering solutions that are innovative in design yet practical and cost-effective.(ESSILOR, ZEISS, HOYA, NIKON)

Currently, one of the most significant concerns is the rapid rise of myopia in children. Fortunately, Hoya’s MIYOSMART lens and Essilor’s STELLEST are highly effective solutions that can slow its progression. If you require reliable expertise in myopia, Sara Loshab is the foremost specialist for fitting lenses and contact lenses for myopia control. Additionally, PSN stocks myopia control lenses from all manufacturers.

We are working with the following well known lens brands:

Depending on your eye needs we offer :

  • Single vision and progressive – lenses for seeing near and far
  • Sportswear- lenses for outdoor activities
  • Lenses  for kids
  • Polycarbonate and high-index lenses
  • Anti-fog lenses  
  • Lenses that protect against glare, scratches, and smudges
  • Blue light filter protection
  • High technology digital lenses