Timberland Glasses & Sunglasses

At PSN Vision Optical, you can find an extensive range of Timberland eyewear. Timberland’s mission is to encourage a worldwide effort to promote environmental conservation through small individual actions. With their “Nature Needs Heroes” initiative, they are committed to creating a better future for the planet and its inhabitants.

Frames marked as “Earthkeepers” incorporate a minimum of 35% bio-based materials sourced from castor oil plant seeds, replacing traditional petroleum-based materials commonly used in eyewear frames. Earthkeepers styles make up over 60% of the eyewear collection and boast innovative bio-based materials that are both soft to the touch and designed for long-lasting wear.

Each aspect of the frames has been meticulously crafted to ensure they are both comfortable and durable. All hinges, screws, and small parts are lead-free, while the paints and varnishes used meet strict standards to avoid skin irritation and withstand exposure to sweat, sun, and saltwater.

All Timberland sunglasses feature 100% polarization, and anti-reflective coatings on the back of the lenses prevent harmful reflections from the sun.